Site Surveying

Ground Stabilisation Ltd. is a specialist contractor undertaking most types of drilling and grouting works associated with ground engineering and stabilisation processes. We are able to carry out construction, building and repair works to improve the stability of structures and strata in unstable ground conditions.

investigate test flotest
Ground water monitoring to check dewatering draw-down levels using an audible level indicator. Measurement for the monitoring of lateral movement between Traverse Line Stations.

Dewatering: flow testing of an ejector well.

Accurate information relating to ground conditions and the behaviour of unstable structures or sub soils is fundamental to the identification and analysis of ground instability.

Ground Stabilisation Ltd. offers a complete range of the measures necessary to identify the causes and prevention of instability and structural movements by co-ordination of:
  • Site-specific investigative plans;
  • Ground investigation: rotary coring and cable percussion; boring/in-situ testing and sampling;
  • Conventional surveying techniques;
  • Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring including standpipe, piezometer, inclinometer and extensometer.
  • Inspection, Load testing & monitoring of ground anchors and condition surveys. More>>